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Learn to make your meals as adventurous as, well...

your adventure.

Hi! I'm Tara.


I'm a pokey pedaler, cake-enthusiast,

and spork-brandishing advocate for stellar camp food.

I'll teach you to cook and eat with gusto,

wherever the tailwinds may take you.


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My work (and this site) is devoted to helping you figure out the food thing once and for all.

Get started. (Before your tastebuds declare mutiny.)


What's the most efficient way to learn everything you need to know to cook and eat well on tour? This video-based e-course.


Join thousands of hungry cyclists the world over, and get the original bike touring cookbook.


Need a quick meal idea for this weekend's bikepack? Curious about how to carry eggs on tour? Peruse a growing library of recipes and resources.

"Your Pad Thai recipe worked well when I taught it to my 16 year old, and she then rocked the socks off her camp mates! So roll on, more recipes!"

Jeremy P.

"Hi Tara, I recently ordered Bike. Camp. Cook. and love absolutely everything about it. From the extraordinary photos to the informative sidebars and terrific recipes, you have provided the cycling camper with everything s(he) could possibly need, and you've done it in a thoroughly engaging, encouraging way. Well done!"

Catherine F.

"As both a professional chef and veteran long distance touring cyclist, I can honestly say that this gem of a book should be part of any cyclist's, camper's, boater's, or kayaker's kit."

Paul D.

Bike tour food can be fresh,

fun, and freaking tasty.

(I'll show you how to make it happen, cap'n.)








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