Hungry Cyclist Bootcamp: SOLO

Learn to cook amazing food while pedaling across the state, country, or around the whole dang world.



Finally, a video-based e-course to help you figure out the food thing once and for all.


Learn a revolutionary system for cycle tour meal-making.

Module One: Gearing Up

I'll walk you through everything you need to know to get kitted out for your adventure! From sporks to stoves to kitchen knives, we'll discuss it all.

Module Two: The Permanent Pantry

Learn about the first part of the Meal System: The Permanent Pantry. It's collection of ingredients that's absolutely necessary to have on hand for tasty bike tour cooking. After assembling your own Permanent Pantry, I'll show you how to use it to create amazing flavors.

Module Three: Rotating Staples

I'll walk you through the second component of the Meal System: Rotating Staples. You'll learn how to alternate using these 5 key, basic items to make simple, hearty meals seasoned with your Permanent Pantry.

Module Four: Add-Ons

Build upon your knowledge by learning about the third component of the Meal System: Add-Ons. You'll practice using these tour-friendly vegetables, sauces, cheeses, meats, and canned goods to boost flavor, freshness, and bulk. You'll learn to integrate them into existing recipes, and create entirely new dishes out of them using all three parts of the Meal System.

Module Five: Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks

With the three parts of the Meal System under your belt, you'll learn to apply its principles to breakfast (or second breakfast!), lunch, and snacks.

Module Six: The Meal System in Action

In the final module, you'll learn everything else you need to know to get prepped for your culinary journey. We'll walk through grocery shopping and meal planning, dishwashing and pannier packing, so you'll be ready for the road!



Wondering if the course right for you? Let's break it down.

You're traveling solo.

Great! This course teaches you how to pack, shop, cook, and eat for one. And, since you won't have a fridge, all recipes and exercises make enough food for one and only one serving. No having to figure out what to do with leftovers that might go bad!

You've got a traditional 4-pannier set-up.

Excellent! This course assumes you'll have one small front pannier to devote to food and cooking, plus a few nooks and crannies to spare here and there. (If you're traveling in very remote areas, you may want to devote a large pannier to the food cause instead of a small one, so you'll have room to stock up between towns.)

You've got food sensitivities and / or preferences.

No worries! This course is not just focused on specific recipes, but also on systems and techniques you can use to make food that works for your lifestyle. Gluten-free, Vegetarian, and Vegan cyclists will all find immense value in this course.

When you enroll in Bootcamp, you'll get:

  • 24/7 password-protected access to your e-course. (You'll create a profile.)
  • Immediate access to "Module One: Gearing Up." 
  • Access to each following module in succession, released once / week for 5 weeks.
  • Roughly 5 hours of expert video guidance to get you ready to eat well on the road.
  • Automatic tracking of your progress through the lessons.
  • 30 photo-and-video-packed lessons to teach you everything you need to know.
  • 20 video-based guided exercises to help you hone your skills.
  • Expert feedback when you submit comments and questions.



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